Rider on the Pony Express Trail-Book Cover-Volume 1

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Howdy Friends!

We are so excited to share with you the cover of our NEW book;

Rider on the Pony Express Trail ~ Volume 1 ~ 2015-2016


Cover_RideronthePonyExpressTrail-6x9-FINAL-fnbCover-Rider on the Pony Express Trail-Vol 1The cover for our NEW book! Rider on the Pony Express Trail ~ Volume 1 ~ 2015-2016


We are so glad to have so many of you travel with us, by riding shotgun in spirit!

The release date will be in a few weeks! Stay tuned by following our Blog on www.CarlaEPhotography.com

Rider (a handsome Australian Cattle Dog) and I have covered a LOT of miles, going to and fro in California, Nevada and Utah, over the past few years. Our journals are the recordings of our behind the scenes look of our day to day activities while capturing photos for a Pony Express coffee table book. 

The journals will also have photos of places we visited while on the trail, that are not always related to the Pony Express. 

If you are new to our journey, WELCOME! 

If you have been following along since the beginning, THANK YOU!

My writing style is as if I am talking to you. Letting you know how I felt, while experiencing where we were at. We met lots of wonderful people, and are so very thankful for each one. 

Stay tuned…Volume 1 is coming soon!

Love, Carla and Rider (woof!)


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Howdy! Thank you for choosing to follow along with us!

In order to catch you up to speed, if you are just joining in, I want to let you know about my personal project. My faithful companion, Rider (a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog) and I, have been traveling on an Adventure, for a few years now… following the Central Overland Pony Express Trail.

Carla and Rider at Round FortRound Fort is between Ibapah and Callao Utah. It is also called Canyon Station. The Pony Express Canyon Station was further West of here though... This rock fortress was built the year after the Pony Express had ended.

Currently we are working on a Photo Journal, that will be an Ebook, with our personal experiences on the road. I started this journey, due to a visit to Fort Churchill, with my family in 2014. I read how it was built to protect the Pony Express Riders and the California Emigrant Trail. I have always been fascinated with the old West, and that of course included the Pony.  On that day, surprised to find such a fortress still standing, I wanted to know if there were more!  The photos I have captured, of these gems in the desert, will be in a Photo Book/Coffee Table Book. There will also be some History of the Stations, Station Keepers, Hostlers and the Riders.

Very naively I started this journey with the thought that the Pony Express "Auto Route" would drive me conveniently near all the ruins... Well, that was silly, and now I know better!

Please continue to "Ride Shotgun in Spirit" with us as we visit Historical Places along the route, and visit many Museums that house Archives of the daring young, and some not so young, Riders of the Infamous Pony Express!

Occasional we will also share with you many of the other sights seen along the way while traveling through California, Nevada and Utah.

We have decided to stop the book and journey for the time being at Salt Lake City, UT for a couple of reasons;

  • One) We have thousands of Photos with just these 3 States alone.
  • Two) The History of the Riders is pretty much split as Salt Lake being the middle. Though geographically that is not so. The 2 Divisions that will be included in our first book, are at the most Western end of the Trail.

There are 3 more Divisions from Salt Lake City to St. Joseph Missouri. Lord Willing, we will make a book Two!

We are so blessed to have YOU to share this Journey with us.


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