Traveling the West to capture the Western way of life! My travels, in the most recent years, have taking me through California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming and several times to Montana!

I love the West! And want to preserve what it looks like today for future generations!

How often we look back on historical pictures and wonder what life must have been like for those who lived then. Well, a hundred years from now, folks will be doing the same thing; looking at our lives and how we lived, what ranching looked like today.

Speaking of looking back in time, I have started a work on collecting the Central Overland Pony Express Stations from Sacramento, California to Salt Lake City, Utah.

This journey began from visiting Fort Churchill near Dayton, Nevada. Upon reading the History there and capturing photos of the Fort, my interest grew to find out more, to see and capture more!

I have collected thousands of photos of the desolate areas in the desert, that still cradle a piece of Western American history. With those photos, and the Research of the men who dared to brave those areas by guarding the stations, or those running full speed on the back of a mustang... I have decided to put it all together and make a Photography Book. The Book will be Photographs of the Stations and brief short stories about those who lived there or passed through. Also, in addition, the sites they may have seen along the trail!!

Stay tuned for the book!

Meanwhile please continue to enjoy following me on my current travels and viewing the Photography recordings of the sites I see as I go.

Thank YOU for sharing your time, encouragement and thoughts with me, it is greatly appreciated

God Bless you and yours my friend!

To HIS name be all the Glory, not my own!

Thank you Lord for blessing me to be able to follow my passions you have given me.