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FREE Wallpaper for your iPhone or Android!

Hey Friends!

I am feeling in a festive spirit as Christmas is Coming! In order to celebrate,

and say THANK YOU for following our adventures,

we are giving away a FREE* Wallpaper download for your phone!


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All 3 (three) of these photos are from our Pony Express adventures!

2016_nv_egans canyon_xp-4x3-02352016_nv_egans canyon_xp-4x3-0235Egan's Canyon/Fort Pearce Cemetery.
This site is near Cherry Creek, Nevada. The graves are said to possibly be of Cavalry Soldiers killed during battle at Egan's Canyon Pony Express station.

"Egan's Canyon/Fort Pearce Cemetery"


2015_nv_churchill_xp-4x3-05992015_nv_churchill_xp-4x3-0599Fort Churchill, near Silver Springs, Nevada.
This photo was captured in 2015 while Carla was working on her research and capturing photos of the famous Pony Express Trail.

"Fort Churchill Historic State Park"


2015_nv_cold springs_xp-4x3-04572015_nv_cold springs_xp-4x3-0457Cold Springs, Nevada. The largest ruins of a Pony Express station in Nevada.
We had to hike 1.5 miles up the hillside to capture this awesome station.

"Cold Springs Pony Express Station"


We hope you enjoy our FREE gift to you!

May the Lord Bless you and keep you,

May His face shine upon you,

Now and Always!

Merry Christmas!!


Carla (& Rider say's WOOF!!!)

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Canyon Station tin cans

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Canyon Station Tin CansCanyon Station Tin CansDo you like Sardines? Remnants found at Round Fort, located in Utah, between Ibapah and Callao. 2016_ut_round station_xp-0700

Do you like Sardines???

The above photo is a close up of one of the remnants found at "Round Fort/Canyon Station".

This site is located in Utah, between Ibapah and Callao. It was built after the Pony Express had ended, but was used as an Overland Stage station until 1869.

Carla and Rider at Canyon Overland Stage stationCanyon Station or better known from its shape, Round Fort.

Rider and I, sitting in front of the Round Fort. You can see in the background where the gun ports were!

The first and original Canyon Station, west a couple of miles from here, was used as the Pony Express relay station, but it was burned down. It was renamed "Burnt Station".

I imagine that Sardines were a good source of protein for the station keepers and the hostlers who lived at these sites in the 1860s. Personally, I like tuna from a can, but do not like Sardines. :-)



2016_ut_round station_xp-0700



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 In today's post we are sharing an excerpt from our "2015 Journal Following the Nevada Pony Express". We have an Ebook in the works to be published soon. 

In 2015, the plan was to visit Pony Express Stations along Highway 50 in the State of Nevada... We have since added California and Utah! I hope you enjoy reading this tid bit of part of our day two years ago. 


~ October 16, 2015 ~

... It was overcast and 60*, quiet and calm with just a breeze blowing through the Cottonwood trees… it had been a great visit at the Fort Churchill campgrounds. I enjoyed my coffee, fed Rider and started getting things situated in the trailer to hit the road. I took a look at my maps to plan my day while eating my banana and a few Vanilla Wafers for breakfast. After finishing the cleanup of our camp site and hooking up the trailer, (in one shot I may add!) we were off to Buckland’s Station.

[Historical Note: Samuel Buckland signed a contract with the California Central Overland Pikes Peak Express (Known as the Pony Express) to be a relay Station for it’s operations. A short few months later the Pyramid/Paiute War began and the Army built Fort Churchill near by. It was needed in order to protect the XP Riders and the California Emigrant Trail. The Pony Station was moved to the Fort’s Headquarters building.]

    At this historical site today, stands a two Story House that was once used for the Stage Coach stop, a Hotel and a Trading post. Across the Street are a few buildings, barns and some corrals, all located behind a large parking area near the road. Which facilities were used for the Pony, I am not sure, if any. Some research states none of them. Regardless, I captured lots of photos of the old buildings and barns! Also, for you tractor buffs out there, there were many in the pasture next to the barn closest to the highway. The sign said that the locals put them there on loan for the site to display many of the different types of farm tools used over the last 150 years.

CEP_nv_bucklands-0861Horse DrawnHorse Drawn implement at Buckland's Station.

    There is a nice park next to the parking lot with large trees, barbeques, a few tables and more farm art. The trees were already showing their Fall spirit by beaming with beautiful colors of yellow and orange… in the midst there were a few old fence posts and a hay rake under one of them. I managed to capture a photo and one of them had Rider under it… well, more like he “photo bombed” my shot!  Funny boy! I then decided to turn my camera on him… on purpose… I captured him with a stick in his mouth while laying in the beautiful fall leaves and looking at me. It was a puppy cuteness overload photo!

  CEP_nv_bucklands-08672015 Bucklands - RiderRider poses with a stick in his mouth while lying in beautiful fall leaves. We were visiting the Buckland's Station Park.

    We walked back to the parking lot and I picked Rider up for us to take a selfie with my phone to share later on social media. We were in front of one of the leaning buildings by the gate. I have to admit, it was difficult to stop taking photos here, as I have a strong love for old barns and the like!

    While opening the door to my truck to load Rider…I heard one of the strangest things… it sounded like there were horses running and one whinnying… I looked from toward the area I heard it, but there were no horses, anywhere I could see…It gave me chills… my mind immediately thought of a Pony Express Rider running in for his next mount! It was truly strange, and regardless of what it was, it was a blessing for me to have that feeling even if it was for only a few moments… to have the feeling as if I was back in time and seeing it… feeling it… live! I thanked God for the experience and got into my truck and we headed out...


...Stay tuned for the Ebook! Thank you for "Riding Shot Gun in Spirit" my friends!


Jed Cook, Local Ibapah Historian and Cowboy

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Jed and CarlaJed and I visiting. He shared about his life as a Cowboy, Riding for the Pony Express Re-Ride, and Pony Express History around Ibapah, Utah.

Jed and I met in Ibapah, Utah 

Below is information that has been extracted from my FIRST DRAFT of my Pony Express Adventure Journal 2016. 

I am so excited to share Jed with you, I just couldn’t wait any longer! 

Please forgive me of any errors that there may be in spelling or grammar… Thank you!


April 3, 2016

Jed, a 97 year old gentleman and local historian, pulled up in his grey sedan. Though he had a walker, he asked for no help, and got out to stand up to speak with us. After niceties, he began to share his knowledge and memories of his youth.  Jed shared that he has cowboy’d all over the west, from Nevada to Montana. He expressed how he has broken many a bone, from horse wrecks, including his hip, where he had a horse roll over on him. He has survived all his siblings, and told us he never smoked a day in his life. Him and Bruce exchanged about places they had cowboy’d the same. Also, Jed included to tell us that just 3 years ago he rode in the XP’s annual re-ride; Eureka, NV to Deep Creek, UT! At age 94!?!  

    Jed’s family roots are from Scotland. They traveled out with Brigham Young to the Salt Lake City area in Utah. His Grandmother Elizabeth walked alongside Jed’s Great Grandmother who was also pregnant at the time… all the way from St. Louis, she had said that it was better to walk than ride the oxen pulled wagon, as it was too bumpy a ride. Once she arrived in Salt Lake City, she delivered twins! Jed stated, they were also some how related to the famous Marshal, and once body guard of Brigham Young, Porter Rockwell.

    Jim Weaver, Jed’s Grandfather homesteaded in Utah.    

   Jed (Gerald) Cook, born on September 16, 1918 in Lehi, Utah. I laugh as I type this, but hey, it is what HE said, so I am sharing it… He said, “After my first bowel movement they moved to where the Parker Ranch is now.” (That is where we went back to purchase fuel from, since there is no longer any gas stations in Ibapah.)

    Jed was married for 44 years to his wife Joyce. They had 2 girls and 2 boys


Update;  Jed called me a few months back to see how the book was coming… I was sure hoping to give him a copy… but the time it is taking for research and finding sites, it is still in the preliminary phase, and sadly he has passed away recently. His daughter Marilyn Linares, has written a wonderful book from his life’s stories titled; “Jed”, available on Amazon.



2016_ut_deep creek_xp-0493


Howdy! Thank you for choosing to follow along with us!

In order to catch you up to speed, if you are just joining in, I want to let you know about my personal project. My faithful companion, Rider (a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog) and I, have been traveling on an Adventure, for a few years now… following the Central Overland Pony Express Trail.

Carla and Rider at Round FortRound Fort is between Ibapah and Callao Utah. It is also called Canyon Station. The Pony Express Canyon Station was further West of here though... This rock fortress was built the year after the Pony Express had ended.

Currently we are working on a Photo Journal, that will be an Ebook, with our personal experiences on the road. I started this journey, due to a visit to Fort Churchill, with my family in 2014. I read how it was built to protect the Pony Express Riders and the California Emigrant Trail. I have always been fascinated with the old West, and that of course included the Pony.  On that day, surprised to find such a fortress still standing, I wanted to know if there were more!  The photos I have captured, of these gems in the desert, will be in a Photo Book/Coffee Table Book. There will also be some History of the Stations, Station Keepers, Hostlers and the Riders.

Very naively I started this journey with the thought that the Pony Express "Auto Route" would drive me conveniently near all the ruins... Well, that was silly, and now I know better!

Please continue to "Ride Shotgun in Spirit" with us as we visit Historical Places along the route, and visit many Museums that house Archives of the daring young, and some not so young, Riders of the Infamous Pony Express!

Occasional we will also share with you many of the other sights seen along the way while traveling through California, Nevada and Utah.

We have decided to stop the book and journey for the time being at Salt Lake City, UT for a couple of reasons;

  • One) We have thousands of Photos with just these 3 States alone.
  • Two) The History of the Riders is pretty much split as Salt Lake being the middle. Though geographically that is not so. The 2 Divisions that will be included in our first book, are at the most Western end of the Trail.

There are 3 more Divisions from Salt Lake City to St. Joseph Missouri. Lord Willing, we will make a book Two!

We are so blessed to have YOU to share this Journey with us.


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